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There are things like free lunch. Do not waste your ADA by not staking with us. Ticker: ADAHQ

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The beauty is in the details

This is what makes ADAHQ better

24/7 monitoring

Servers and infrastructure are constantly monitored.

Cloud deployment

Multi-cloud, for added resilience.

Always online

Redundant internet connection to all servers.

Why staking with ADAHQ?

Top reasons to stake with us

The cause Cardano was built to make the world work better for everyone. To have a fully decentralized block chain carrying not only ADA. That success is not about have a few major players, but plenty of small ones, distributing and sharing the workload (and reward). If you agree to these principles of the Cardano block chain, you should stake with ADAHQ. Read more about our mission here.

Multi-cloud deployment ADAHQ is deployed by pro’s in top notch datacenters at cloud providers locations worldwide, to provide the best possible reliability so that we never miss an opportunity to mint a block. We are currently using ScaleWay, UpCloud and Vultr and actively avoiding the giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. We can never be distributed if we put all our eggs in the baskets of the gigants.

0% fee Competing pools charge 2% to 20% of your rewarded ADA, most likely because they are incompetent or greedy. The minimum fixed reward (determined by the protocol) is enough to operate the pool AND make a profit. ADAHQ is fully automated by Terraform and Ansible, built by a core team with 20+ years of experience in IT. When the pool gets saturated, we can spin up another pool in 30 minutes.